The “Hockey Wars” Take-over!

Okay, I need to apologize — BIG TIME — for being away from this blog.  Ugh, my lousy reasons for that…

First, the proverbial “hockey wars” began right around Labor Day, as they always do.  And with that I’m tugged away from the keyboard to run various hockey skills programs, team practices and my two teams’ games.  Not that I’m complaining a bit about those things; I firmly believe those are part of the reason God put me on this planet.  I am saying, though, that those outside rink commitments surely do trap me away from my Internet work for long stretches.

I’ve also been dealing with a small band of not-so-nice former customers who still owe me a considerable amount of money from this season, last year and even a few seasons back.  (Yes, this is a different age than I grew-up in, where integrity seemingly falls way down on some folks’ priority lists.  I think about this, and realize how much it takes out of ME if I owe someone, yet I sense there are those who sleep quite well even when they know they’re in the wrong.)  And, lest you think this isn’t a time robber, well…  There’s the constant need to keep reminding them, and there’s also the need to find ways to make-up for the shortfall they’ve caused.  (Then, since character is a huge part of hockey training, I sense each of those folks is going to be included in a coming post.)

Even further behind the hockey scene is a personal matter that’s tending to drain my focus and my spirits.  There’s not much more I can say about that right now, but it’ll likely be the subject of a future post, probably within a few weeks.

Then, as if all the “stuff” to this point isn’t enough, there’s the matter of over overwhelm…  Ya, dealing with one or two “projects” is enough for one man; trying to handle three times that many is something else.

If there’s a bright side to all this, it’s that I have been able to get into some pretty exciting new projects, as well as get back to some that have been neglected a bit (like this one).

As an aside, a friend from Facebook (Angela Current) and I were talking the other night, and partly joking about our brains hurting from all the ideas we have bouncing around in our heads.  Man, personally have so many things on my drawingboard — and really exciting ones, that I worry my hockey friends will never get to see them.  Time is SURELY a factor in this, but so is the paralysis that comes with so many pressing and wishful things on my todo list.

Anyway, one very exciting project that I did complete over the past month is a new website called Hockey Tips and Tricks.  (I have my long-time Twitter buddy, Michael Mahony, to thank — a lot– for helping get this accomplished in a fairly smooth manner.  A better friend you’ll never find.)  The main purpose of this new site is to bring immediately downloadable videos and training manuals to serious hockey folks, and to also alert them about some truly hard-to-find (and awesome) training aids and programs.  I wanted to get this site up and running before the Christmas buying season (phew), because I think it’ll provide lots of really-into-it hockey players, coaches and parents some really unique gift ideas.

Thank God I’ve managed to keep pouring new articles and videos into my membership site.

And another Thank God goes for my ability to keep-up with two teams — my High School Prep guys, and my little AAA Mites.  (Thank him also for the great parents I’ve been blessed with this season.)  Actually, if there are two things that can never be shortchanged — no matter all the trials and tribulations, it’s my site and my teams.

One area of my work that’s REALLY taken a hit lately is my on-line radio show (ugh).  Each episode can take from 3- to 4-hours of undivided attention to produce, so maybe you can at least understand my delay there.  (I didn’t say you had to like it, but please do appreciate my time constraints over the past month-plus.)

Then, because I may have mentioned a few things here my faithful friends didn’t know about previously, let me take just a sec to explain…

If you have followed me for any length of time, you probably know my penchant for satisfying all the various needs of my hockey customers.  And by this, I’m talking about those who prefer information to be offered in a visual format, those who’d rather listen to new information, as well as those who enjoy reading over video or audio presentations.  (When I think about the audio, it reminds me of a favorite Texas area coach who likes to burn my radio shows to CD and listen to them as he drives to and from work.)

And that’s been my purpose in tying together all the uniquely different websites…  I mean, between, my radio show, this blog and the new Hockey Tips and Tricks site, I believe I’ve connected all the dots and I should be able to satisfy nearly every customer’s personal needs.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Again, I hope you’ll at least partly appreciate my delay in keeping-up with some things.  And I also hope it won’t be happening quite as much anymore.

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