Hockey Equipment Swap

Note to Visitors:

I’ve been asked to make this service available just for the convenience of hard working hockey parents.  I will attempt to publish available gear (as well as gear needed).  However, understand that I have little control beyond that.  I can’t inspect the equipment, so I consequently can’t guarantee anything.  So, although this is aimed at being a friendly gesture for/between hockey friends, I suggest all do due diligence when it comes to any transactions.

–Dennis Chighisola (Coach Chic)

Basic Rules

1) Please tell us what you have, or what you’re looking for;

2) Please be as descriptive as possible about the equipment;

3) Please include:

  • a first name (contact)
  • your general location (city and state)
  • your email address

Email the above information to Coach Chic.


I may be in need of skates for my son.  I believe he will be in a size 9 or 10. We would like Eastons or Missions. I am a single parent struggling to keep up with the the growth of this 13 year old’s equipment. Might also be interested in roller blades as we do not have full-time ice here.  Email De ramonda



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